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Dandelion Tea Bag

Dandelion tea is considered a quick, reliable, easy to take treatment for acne.  It helps in blood purification and also keeps the skin cleansed.  Dandelion tea has gained a great deal of popularity recently due to its many health and medicinal benefits.  It has emerged as a substitute for coffee; become popular along side Green tea, while its roots have been scientifically analyzed and shown to contain Teraxacum Officinale which serves as the main ingredient in the commercial preparation of Root Bear.  Apart from this, dandelion roots can also be used in salads, or cooked with other vegetables to make healthy vegetable meals along with other unique garden plants and spices.

In the 10th century, Arabian physicians were the first to discover the benefits and document them in journals, thereby recording the extraordinary benefits of such unique plants.  It was not until the 16th century however, that the dandelion tree was recognized as a valuable herbal plant. Dandelion is typically thought of as a meadow herb, which grows perennially in fields, lawns, and gardens. This plant can grow wherever it finds sufficient sunshine and therefore it is found throughout the world. The plants taproot grows up to six inches long; the outer layer is typically dark brown while the inner layer is a creamy white color.  Dandelion root tea has held a distinguished place among the world’s “other” herbal plants. Each part of dandelion is considered useful; while the roots and leaves serve medicinal purposes, other parts can be used in preparing a natural dye. Dandelion tea is a warm, soothing, all natural drink containing all-organic components. Dandelion root tea bags by Alvita is popular for its exceptionally good taste. It is not strong like other herbal teas, and you do not have to add any sweetener.  Dandelion tea has a naturally sweet mellow taste, which adds to its acceptance, while offering you several health benefits.

If you like, you can alter the taste by adding fresh squeezed lemon juice or local honey, as you would in many other teas, without there being any negative side effects.  Lemon juice gives it a fresh but slightly tart taste, while honey makes the tea even more healthy and sweet.  Dandelion tea bags provide natural herbs with numerous health benefits. The best thing about this herbal tea is that it does not contain artificial colors or preservatives of any kind.  It is free from caffeine and is 100% organic. According to recent studies, it has been found that dandelion root tea has choleretic effects as well. This means that it helps stimulates the liver to increase output of bile in the liver, which in turn helps to remove waste from the body. The bile secretion carries out its function in the digestion process and break downs fats, triglycerides, cholesterol within the liver, which is the body’s primary filter mechanism. Pharmacological studies have stated that the dandelion is very beneficial for liver health and improves biliary tract functions.

Despite the numerous advantages offered by this “garden weed”, the dandelion is not considered “good” for people who have allergens or some medical problems.  Before starting any regimen, you should consult with your physician to make sure that taking any new medicine or herbal product is safe for you.  Individuals who suffer from bile duct medical problems or gallbladder problems should avoid dandelion tea consumption unless they have spoken to and received their medical doctor’s approval. People who have blockage in the intestinal system should also avoid the ingestion of the dandelion herb. However, dandelion tea is a zero-calorie beverage that cleanses your internal digestive system. It is a good “body cleanser” and detoxifying agent for your colon as well. It is one of the best healthy raw foods that can be prepared very easily. Dandelion enhances the liver to breakdown toxins and purifies the blood. Once your internal system is healthy, your external body also becomes resistant to several diseases. It improves blood flow, which in turn reduces cellulite from subcutaneous skin. As a remedy for acne, the cleansing power of the dandelion has also been proven to be effective, causing less acne breakouts by acting to cleanse your skin from within, thereby giving you the look of having “radiance” or “glowing skin” all over.