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Dandelion Root Tea Diet

Dandelion root tea may have very special health benefits, especially for the liver and our digestive system. As an added ingredient of a healthy diet which already includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and lean meats, the dandelion root may help in speeding the recovery from an illness that is sometimes preventable.  According to the illustrated “Enclyclopedia of Healing Remedies” dandelion root tea may also relieve side effects from strong drugs, although there is no direct conclusive evidence about this and dandelion root tea. Evidence exits to show that danelion an provide medicinal help to various ailments, some of which are: Improved Bone Health, Liver Disorders, Diabetes, Urinary Tract Disorders, Improved Skin Care, Acne, Weight Loss, certain forms of Cancer, Jaundice, Gallbladder Disorders including Gall Stones, and Anemia.

Dandelion root may be found in ample supply all across the temperate zones of the world. Dandelions have demonstrated that they are capable of abundant growth and adaptation to virtually any climate and region, given ample sunlight, space, and water.  These vivid sunshine-yellow flowers especially during spring are found in all areas of the world and seem to be in great supply for those that wish to cultivate their own dandelion gardens. Dandelion’s may look like a simple weed but it is much more than that, when you consider the huge number of uses that can be found in many the homeopathic medicinal fields, especially in traditional medicines or in Chinese medicines.

In herbal medicine, the dandelion root and leaves are said to be tonic cleansing remedies for the skin, liver and the blood. The dandelion roots and leaves may also stimulate digestion and relieve arthritis and constipation especially when taken by pregnant women and lactating mothers, as reprted in the “Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies“. As the liver is responsible for removing toxins from the human body, so drinking tea made from  dandelion root and leaves may support cleansing of the blood, lymphatic system, and the skin, though conclusive evidence is still lacking. Dandelion root and leaf tea may also help reduce blood cholesterol and normalize body weight. According to the New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, Dandelion root contains insulin which helps reduce diabetes in diabetic patients by lowering blood sugar.


Tea made from Dandelion roots and leaves (loose) is sometimes available in local food markets or health stores, or it might be available if purchased in conventional boxed tea bags. Online purchases are easy and can be made here. Dandelion root and leaves can also be collected by anybody living in the temperate zone with very little effort. It is as simple as digging up a wild plant in the fall but one has to make sure that this area from where the plant has been collected has not been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. After collection one has to be careful not to slice the roots. Slicing the root releases the valuable and the effective sap, so care has to be taken to rinse them and dry the plant whole.

Preparation of dandelion root tea is very simple. The tea is made from the dandelion root and leaves, and is most powerful when applied as a decoction. A general recipe for preparation is given as guideline: one should take 4 cups of water with 2 tablespoon of dried dandelion root and bring it to boil. The liquid should be simmered till the original volume of the drink reduces to half. This tea should be taken 3 cups per day for up to six months. The tea made from dandelion root and leaves is generally considered safe for almost everybody which includes children and pregnant women. But a word of caution, one should always take advice from a medical practitioner before taking dandelion root tea.