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Benefits Of Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion root tea is made from the dandelion plant which has been considered an annoying plant for centuries. Many will know this ubiquitous weed as the one that grows in your spring lawn and flower gardens.  Sometimes these dandelion plants will grow from the wall of your house, between bricks, even through concrete openings, virtually anywhere there is a slight opening and a ray of sunshine.

After conducting several research studies by noted universities and chemical companies, it has been found that the dandelion plant is one of the most useful nutritional herbs ever discovered. This research has shown that it can be used to cure various health problems in human. In just the past few years this pesky little dandelion plant is now getting a great deal of attention from several health enthusiasts and industrial research centers. Already early research results indicate that the dandelion plant contains vitamins and minerals, as well as containing fiber and anti-oxidants making it a very nutritious plant. The dandelion is said to contain large amounts of Vitamins, including the Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A Retinol, and Vitamin C and Vitamin D, as well as essential minerals such as pectin, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, and potassium. It is a very healthy food for humans, despite the fact that we only think of it as a common garden weed.

Once the dandelion plant is extracted, root and all, the minerals in the dandelion leaves are boiled in water and used to make our dandelion tea.  Many countries already considered it as a veritable “medicinal store house” of minerals to cure various ailments, while many other countries are following in the footsteps of the earlier countries and using it as a natural health source. Beneficial studies have shown that dandelion root tea can actually do wonders for many people by relieving ailments affecting their digestive system, weight loss, urinary problems, acne, cancer, anemia, as well as other vital organs in their body. It has proved helpful in relieving problems related to the kidney and the liver and gallbladder. These are essential to the basic internal functioning of the body and the chemistry of the blood.  Regulating them is essential, and maintaining a healthy body relies on the success of these organs to operate properly. Medical and pharmacological research has shown that the power of the dandelion root tea, in terms of liver and kidney ailments, is very powerful in removing toxic substances. As the body’s primary filter of all that we eat or drink, the liver is under constant attack by toxic substances.  When you drink the dandelion root tea, the powerful vitamins, minerals and dandelion particulates, provide you with the benefits of a detoxification agent for the entire body.

There have been many success stories related to the positive effects that detoxification has had on the health of people going through such a procedure at home.  Many products have come to the market for this type of cleansing, but the dandelion root tea is truly an all-natural way of accomplishing the effect that your body needs.  The process of doing an entire cleansing has caused people all over the world to look at the medicinal benefits of both the detox process and the use of the dandelion root tea.  To rid our body of these poisons and free radicals that attack our cells, detox can only be looked at as a positive thing.  Improving people’s health is an extremely important part of our presence on the internet, and in particular this site, and when we can share these positive results with you, we will. By using our dandelion root tea on a regular basis, your health will be improved. Satisfied customers have reported seeing improvement in their liver, gallbladder and kidney function, cleansing of their digestive system, improved blood flood and lessening of anemia, clearer skin and reduced acne breakouts. The body seems to be working better and at optimum levels. While you will urinate more frequently, this is a positive sign that the dandelion root tea is working as it should, by purging your system of the deadly poisons that have been residing in these vital organs.

The power of the dandelion root tea’s detoxifying agent expels these poisons while replenishing the amount of potassium that is lost due to excessive urination. Dandelion root tea is also one of the most vital herbs for patients that suffer from Diabetes, be it Type One or Type Two. It also plays a significant role in removing toxic elements from the patient’s blood stream, thus making them feel refreshed, revived, energetic, and healthy.

Dandelion Root Tea


After several scientific studies and recent research on the benefits of dandelion root tea, it has been confirmed that there are substantial medicinal benefits of the dandelion plant to improving the health in humans. The research supports the use of the tea as a detoxification agent. Recommended use for those that want to rid themselves of the chemical and biological poisons found in many of our foods, as well as liquids that we ingest daily, is strongly indicated.  For those that suffering from various forms of kidney, liver, gallbladder disease, or who just want to get rid of the poisons inside our bodies through detoxification, we believe the health benefits are obvious. You should drink two cups (12 to 16 oz.) of dandelion root tea to see the benefits it has on your health.  Additional information about dandelion root tea can be obtained on our site and through our partners here on the internet.